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Over the past two decades, we’ve seen tire discounters and auto service centers open an amazing number of new locations across the country. But, make no mistake about it, at these and many no appointment necessary, service while you wait locations, the description discount doesn’t necessarily mean less. In fact, during my search for a new set of replacement tires, I was pleasantly surprised at the high levels of selection, service and professionalism I received.


Most tire discounters and auto service centers offer a wider selection of name brand tires than your car dealer’s service department or your local neighborhood service station. Many offer websites that allow you to select a tire by brand, size or price, view a photo of the tire and tread pattern, and also describe the full range of automotive services offered at that location. During a cyber shopping adventure on one tire store’s site, I was offered a choice of ten different tires from eight different manufacturers, at prices ranging from $80 to $202 per tire. In addition, if the tires you need are not in stock, they can easily be obtained in less than an hour from another nearby store or a conveniently located distribution center.


The need for new tires, other than from normal wear or tire wear caused by improper tire inflation, may often be a warning sign of other less visible vehicle problems that can quickly and easily be addressed at most tire discount stores or auto service centers.

Wheel Alignment – If wheels are not properly aligned, tires may experience excessive toe or camber wear, characterized by thin or even more severe inner or outer edge wear. As a rule, every vehicle should have an alignment done every six months, or every 6,000 miles.

Wheels – A damaged wheel can cause a tire to scrub unevenly against the road surface and severely reduce tire life.

Brakes – If not in good repair, brakes can grab unevenly, causing uneven tread wear or flat spots.

Shock Absorbers – A worn shock might lose its ability to damp out road shocks in normal driving conditions or vibrations at highway speeds. Either condition may cause uneven tread wear and reduced tire life.

Ball Joints – Damaged or worn ball joints may become loose and also cause uneven tread wear.

Suspension and Steering Systems – In addition to possibly compromising your vehicle’s safety and performance, bent, worn or loose components anywhere in the suspension and steering systems can accelerate tread wear by causing the tires to scuff, scrape or scrub unevenly over the road surface.

Tire and Wheel Assembly Balance – If tire and wheel assemblies are out of balance, the result may be patch wear (patchy tread wear or flat spots across the tire surface) or cup wear (diagonal tread wear across the tire surface.) In either case, your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems may need attention.


Most tire discount stores and auto service centers are staffed by knowledgeable and highly trained service professionals. Many service advisors participate in training seminars and workshops, so their fully prepared to help you select the best tire for your specific car, truck or crossover. Some also participate in annual training certification programs sponsored by tire manufacturers, so they’re fully knowledgeable about the latest improvements in automotive technology and tire applications. ASC certified service technicians use state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to make certain your vehicle is serviced correctly. Many participate in hands-on training workshops sponsored by tire manufacturers. Some also participate in annual certification training in specific light duty service and repair areas such as wheel alignment, battery and brake service, steering and suspension systems, air conditioning systems and repairs to other vehicle systems.

The location where I purchased my tires also performed a multi-point inspection of my vehicle. The inspection, conducted by the service manager, noted a loose front ball joint that could soon compromise the safety of my vehicle. I had the problem fixed in a matter of moments and for probably a fraction of the price I’d pay if the ball joint failed in busy city traffic or late at night on a lonely stretch of interstate highway.

So, shop with confidence and shop with care. And remember, at most tire discounters and auto service centers, discount doesn’t necessarily mean less, especially when it comes to selection, service and professionalism.

About Wally Koster, Freelance Writer
Wally Koster is a retired marketing and advertising executive with more than 40 years experience in the automotive industry. He now enjoys life as a freelance writer for Belle Tire and is a published philatelist.

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